The Last Dance

By Neha Jacob

After four years, Lincoln’s class of 2022 finally celebrated their first and last homecoming together at Senior Prom on June 8 at Dyker Beach Golf Course. For many, after the Covid-19 pandemic, it was really the first time they could be together, dancing and spending quality time before leaving to find their own future.

“It feels surreal that I’m going to be graduating this year because Covid took away half of our high school experience,” senior Biadnney Cruz said. “Covid did really mess things up for the other classes before us and I was praying that it wouldn’t happen to us and it didn’t.”

After being stuck at home because of the pandemic, the students finally received their “out of the pandemic” moment. They finally had the chance to let go and breathe. All of the stress from college applications and classes were gone.

“It was a relaxing night,” senior Ziyue Han said. “I finally made a decision with college and school was kind of done. There was no more stress. I enjoyed just feeling free and being able to kick it back with the people I love hanging out with.”

This significance of this special moment was not lost on Lincoln teachers either.

“As I watch these students in their beautiful gowns and tuxedos, laughing with each other, taking pictures, capturing these beautiful moments, and experiencing joy,” Social Studies teacher Mr. Mullins said, “all I think is that despite all the struggles of the virus, the entire class of 2022 made it.”

With the help of many staff, Senior Activities Coordinator and Photography teacher Mr. Molina organized the event. At least 120 seniors attended and appreciated the efforts of Mr. Molina and his team.

“The venue was so beautiful, it was a perfect night,” senior Yoanna Cohetero said, “And the food there…it was amazing food.”

Biadnney Cruz agrees.

“Mr. Molina did very well. He told us what to do and he really came through with the photo booth, catering, venue and DJ.”

For Mr. Molina, organizing a large event such as Prom comes with its own challenges, especially with regards to making it an experience that students will remember. It was important to get student input to make it a Prom that they would want.

“There is always a lot of anxiety when planning an event this large – especially after an extended hiatus,” Mr. Molina said. “I want the best for our students and I often confer with my students to get an idea of what choices can be made. I also trust that the administration will help with difficult decisions that have to be made. Overall, I was happy with how everything turned out.  Students were busy eating, dancing, and using the 360 and photo booths.”

On the night, the students voted for their Prom King, Queen, Prince and Princess. The winners were Camren Brister (Prom King), Jania Simmons (Prom Queen), Marcus Rosemond (Prom Prince), and Kayla Lewis (Prom Princess).

From left to right: Prom King Camren Brister, Prom Queen Jania Simmons, Prom Princess Kayla Lewis, Prom Prince Marcus Rosemond (PHOTO CREDIT: Carlos Molina)

Overall the event was a joyous occasion. But for some, it was also tinged with sadness. “I had a blast spending time with friends,” senior Nadelie Laguerre said. “It was a realization that this may be the last time I may see many of my friends. It’s kinda sad, I wouldn’t have thought that four years would go by so fast.”